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Foodhall software

What we do

Our software, Hallpass, is a comprehensive accounting and management solution specifically designed for multi-vendor businesses like foodhalls, shopping malls and franchises.

We've drawn on our extensive operational experience to create a suite of accounting tools that make collections intermediary services, contract compliance, safety, and vendor management easier and more effective.


Automate payouts

With Hallpass, the food hall or mall owners can simplify financial management by collecting POS deposits, calculating remittances to each party, and distributing vendor payments net of rent and fees, all in one place.

Our accounting platform seamlessly interfaces with the POS system through an API, creating a detailed account of all transactions. Reports are generated automatically and made accessible to vendors securely. Neither party has to worry about collections or reporting, because Hallpass takes care of all the calculations for you.


Flexible & easy setup

Our platform seamlessly connects with numerous POS systems like Toast and Square using an API to gather all necessary transactional information on a daily basis.

Hallpass's ease of integration increases speed to market and improves the onboarding experience demonstrating your commitment to conducting business as hassle-free as possible. This contributes to lower vendor attrition and a healthier, transparent ways of working.

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